Area Info.

Service Area

The Only One Promise Service (OOPS) Area of Narcotics Anonymous currently serves the Decatur metro area.  The area contains six groups which offer daily meetings for addicts in our area. Our Area Service Committee (ASC) meets on the first Sunday of each month. The meeting begins at 2:00 pm and the location of the ASC meeting is 201 W North st, Decatur IL 62522. Anyone can contact our area by writing to the PO Box listed at the top of the website or by calling our helpline at 1-800-539-0475.

Service Structure

The Only One Promise Service Area of Narcotics Anonymous serves the eight groups comprising this area. Group Service Representatives (GSR’s) report their Group’s Conscience to the Area Service Committee (ASC) on a monthly basis. The Area Service Committee is comprised of an executive committee, Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Regional Committee Member (RCM), Regional Committee Member Alternate (RCMA) , Secretary, and Treasurer,  a Phone-line Subcommittee Chair, Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee Chair, Public Information Subcommittee Chair, Literature Subcommittee Chair, Unity (Events) Subcommittee Chair, and any applicable Ad Hoc Subcommittee Chairs. Motions pertaining to Area Service Committee business can be made and seconded by any member attending the area meeting however, only GSR’s may cast votes regarding motions.

Our Service Area is a member of the Greater Illinois Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous and is represented on the regional level by the Regional Committee Member (RCM), Regional Committee Member Alternate (RCMA). These trusted servants carry our area’s group conscience to the region.

All the trusted servant positions in our service structure are elected. Nominations for positions on the area service level are held in April of each year and elections for positions on the area level are held in May of each year. Any member of our area and Narcotics Anonymous may serve as a trusted servant provided they meet the requirements of that position. More information regarding trusted servant positions can be obtained by attending one of our area meetings or by consulting the Area.

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